Best Place to take your Kids on the Weekend in Santa Rosa

Best Place to take your Kids on the Weekend in Santa Rosa

Sunny Santa Rosa California is the place for family and fun. So, what’s the best place to bring the family and kids for the weekend? We chose this particular location based on a few factors. The place is Jack London’s State Historic Park. This place is a once in a lifetime trip for kids and families. One of the factors that makes this a perfect spot is that your kids can appreciate so many of its facets at any age. From youngsters to teens, it’s a winner.


What you can find there


The park is in Glenn Ellen and is open from 9am to 5pm. The main activities that are permitted are hiking, walking, museum and historical tours and lots of outdoor activities but no camping. There is lodging nearby that is affordable so if you don’t live locally you can take the family.


One of the first things you absolutely must do is take the docent-led historical tour. Jack London was a noted author of “Call of the Wild” and contributed to the world in ways that is fascinating to know. 2016 is a great year to do this because it is the 100th anniversary of his death.You won’t only hear about the fact that he died at 40, you’ll be astounded by what he did in his life. You’ll tour the cottage that he never got to retire in. What sets this park apart is he actually lived there and built a mansion that is now ruins because it burned down before he could move from the cottage to the mansion.


Your kids will be learning about Jack London in school and there is a plethora of things to do. Go to and take advantage of the 500 mile klondike challenge, meant to that mimicked the Klondike adventure Jack actually went on. Have a kid that is an blossoming writer? There are writing challenges there too! You won’t find a more fascinating character t learn about. There are tree planting and plowing days too.


Spectacular show among the ruins


Kohler and Frohling winery building was damage by the earthquake that struck the area in 1906. Jack used what was left of the structure to build the upper level of his home. But, at night,on certain dates among the moss-covered ruins you can see a spectacular star spangled sky. There is a show called Broadway Under the Stars that is a source of some awesome family -friendly entertainment. The venue accommodates over 800 people for concerts and theater. From dawn till dusk you can be absorbed in family cultural events and adventures.


There are two other parks nearby that you can see without much travel at all. So, if you are looking for a real outdoor historical experience, this is it. You can split your time between 3 parks for 2 days but we have to tell you not to let the size fool you. You can spend an entire weekend here with the kids and still not participate in everything. Make sure you call the park or visit the website for the activities that are on now and enjoy!

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