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Welcome to Santa Rosa Mom! Introduce yourself and let us know who you are! View Discussions


If you have questions about the site, be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions. Include your own question if I haven't covered that topic. View Discussions

Ask the Board

Have a question that other moms might be able to answer? Ask away! View Discussions


From your baby's birth, your new job offer, or the garage sale you are holding at your house, announce it here! View Discussions

Holiday Chat

Share your holiday stories, tips, and general chat about holiday here. View Discussions

General Parenting

From birth to college, everything is on topic. View Discussions

Frugal Family Tips

The forum dedicated to pinching pennies. Share your tips, or learn a few ways to save money. View Discussions

Crafty Moms

Have a craft to share? How about looking for ideas? Well, here you go. View Discussions


What's for dinner Mom? Add and collect your recipes for desserts, lunches, snacks, and yes, even dinners. View Discussions

Single Parenting

Playing both mom and dad? Discuss the ups and downs of single parenting, joint custody, child support, dating, and all else that goes with wearing both the pants and the skirt. View Discussions


Chat with other expecting moms View Discussions

Kids: Newborns and Toddlers

Have your hands full with a little one? Chat about it here! View Discussions

Kids: Elementary

From their first day of independance in preschool and kindergarten to their 4th grade science project, kids are growing up in a blink of an eye! Share your stories here! View Discussions

Kids: Tweens and Teens

In a stage that makes the "Terrible Twos" seem like a walk in the park, I'm sure you moms have plenty to talk about when it comes to your Tween or Teen! View Discussions


Anything school or studies related can be duscussed here. View Discussions

In the News

Chat about news in our community and around the world. View Discussions

Celebrity Trash

Check out the latest on Hollywood moms and their pampered babes View Discussions


From married life to single parent history, spill the contents of your heart. View Discussions

Your Home

Chat about maintaining your home, from cleaning, gardening, recipes, and beyond. View Discussions

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