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Where should I buy dipes at?
I want to know who else cloth dipes too so that I have more ppl I can trade with ^.^

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Hi, Rebecca. I don't cloh diaper my baby but I did try it out with my older daughter. It didn't work out for us, so I consigned my only-slightly-used-and-looked-brand-new diapers at the semi-annual Just Between Friends consignment sale at the fairgrounds. They were snatched up very quickly! The next sale is coming up in early April. At previous sales, there was an area dedicated to cloth diapering. You might want to take a look there for cloth diapers, as well as everything else baby/child related -- clothes, toys, books, etc. Hope this information helps!

Alright, Ill be doing that. How much did you sell for? And how much does the sale take from you?

It was last spring when I sold the diapers, so I don't remember what I listed them for. Each consignor gets to decide if they want to sell things individually or as a set, decide on their own price, and when someone purchases their item the consignor gets to keep 60% of the sale. If you sign up to volunteer, you get to keep 65% of the sale. I found that life was just too crazy-busy for me to tag my own items, so I took advantage of their "valet tagging" program. I just dropped my stuff off with the valet tagger, and they did all the work setting the prices, tagging the items, taking them to the sale, and setting them up on the sale floor. When you use valet tagging the consignor keeps 40%, the tagger keeps 20%, and JBF keeps 40%. (If you sign up to volunteer, then you keep 45% instead of 40%). I hope this information helps!

I cloth diaper :) I just sold a huge amount, but I'm sure I will have more to sell down the road. I have more than I really need ;) I agree with the pp, the Just Between Friends sale is a great place to go for everything baby. Here is more info on that: Good luck!

awesome, I am wanting to create a fb page for all the mamas of the santa rosa area that cloth diaper so that we can buy/sell/trade locally. ^.^ Would you be interested?

I would be interested in a buy sell trade group

Made one! :D Its called Squishy Butts of Santa Rosa

I made it to where everyone can invite other members into group, its for people who already cloth diaper or cloth curious :)

I cloth diaper! I use mostly wahm made diapers.

Hello! I did cloth diaper, used an assortment of types/styles. My son spontaneously potty-trained last summer and I have not gotten around to selling all of them yet. Let me know if you are looking for something particular or just wondering what I have left. Mostly sizes large and extra-large. Cheers! Simone

I like too many diapers to list haha
My favorites are:
gmd for prefolds
dont like fitteds, not even hybrid fitteds, I just find them too bulky.
Love AIOs and SIOs and Itti Bittis are my favorite, also Ragababe.

Also, I just made a buy/sell/trade group for the Santa Rosa area, so post your dipes on there and we can help get rid of them! :D


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