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In startling news, doctors announced that a baby has been cured of the HIV infection for the very first time, a development that can change the way infected babies are treated, thus reducing the number of children infected with the virus.

The difference in treatment is what changed the outcome of this child's diagnosis. Born with the HIV virus, the child was treated aggressively with antiretroviral drugs beginning 30 hours after birth. 2.5 years later, the child has been off treatment drugs for a year and shows no signs of HIV.

While some outside experts doubt whether the child was actually infected, documentation shows that the baby was in fact a carrier of the virus, with five positive tests within the first month of life.

If the child has truly been cured, this would only be the second case of HIV being reversed - the first being Timothy Brown, an HIV patient who received a bone marrow transplant from a donor genetically resistant to HIV.

Wouldn't it be cool if this speeds up the cure for AIDS?

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