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Hey! So my name is Tara married to Josh and I am mother to Austin, 7 years old and our newest addition to the family...Bryson our 5 month old baby boy.

We just moved back to Santa Rosa after a 2 and a half year stint in Lake County.
We are back and for the first time in a long time...probably 5 years...I am a stay-at-home mother again! Huge change since I have been the primary wage earner for a long time.

So, I am just looking to get connected and involved with my community and my sons school as much as possible as the last time I was a stay-at-home mother I was very young and realize now what staying home all day every day can really do to someone mentally.

My 7 year old has Aspergers (high functioning form of Autism) so between helping him and taking care of the little one it leaves little time for other stuff but I am sure gonna try!

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Welcome back! Your boys are adorable!


Welcome back! I publish a free newsletter and website for events for families in santa rosa which you might find helpful in finding things to do in our area. I also belong to a great moms facebook group which i would be more than happy to add you to if you are interested. I think we need to be facebook friends for me to add you to that.


Hi Kat!
Great website! Sorry it has too me a while to reply...between the getting colds and myself getting the flu 2 times this month it has been crazy to say the least!
I would love to be added to that facebook group you are talking about!


Hi Tara,

I live in Santa Rosa and have a 7 year old boy with autism. If you ever want to chat, let me know. I take my son to swim lessons, gymnastics, challenger baseball etc... all for special kiddos. :) We have a really great support group here too that meets once a month, and is an amazing source of info about local services. Friend me on FB if you want!

Hey Elsa,

Wow, there are all those types of things for children like ours? That is amazing...we have stayed out of anything sports related because of people not understanding Austin...he did t-ball once in Kindergarten and that was extremely overwhelming and we haven't gone back! I am sure you know how it can be!
If I can figure out how to add you on FB I definitely will! Thanks so much for the reply!


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