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Where can I take my 10 year old step daughter, 10 year old son and 6 year old son shopping for Back-to-School clothes? I usually shop at Kohl's and Ross, but I'm wondering if I should venture out to another location that has great prices and good quality clothes. I don't want to go to 10 different places, so 3 or 4 locations that will cover everything from shoes, outfits, jackets and underclothes would be great. All ideas are welcome!

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One idea would be to do minimal shopping just to start the school year, and then check out the Just Between Friends (JBF) sale at the Fairgrounds Sep. 6-9. If you've never been to their semi-annual sale, it's pretty incredible! While a majority of the items are geared toward babies and toddlers, they do carry clothing, shoes, and other items for children up to 12 years old. I've shopped there twice for my 5 year old daughter and I came home with some really nice, namebrand items that looked brand new (but cost SO much less than buying them new!). I've never looked to see what kind of items they have for older kids, so it might be a bit of a gamble... but it may be worth your time, too. I have shopped twice at JBF and I've consigned with them once. You can check out their website:;

Old Navy has jeans and zip up hoodies right now for $10 and some Tees for $5. Sale ends August 15th. Also there is a store called Fallas by Food Maxx. They are super super cheap. And have everything you need. Might not be best quality but kids rip through their clothes anyway.

Gap is doing their friends and family through Sunday, Aug. 12. You can get 30% off!! Go to their facebook page to print the coupon or show it to them on your smart phone!
Gap Santa Rosa Plaza or Gap Kids and Baby Santa Rosa

There are so many replies to this on our Facebook page as well! Here's what the moms there had to say:

Kimberly Butler: I went to Kohl's and they had several clearance racks as well as some really good deals.

Paula Huber: Children's place has great deals

Eliza Crow: Crazy 8 has some good clearance and I'm not doing much shopping till weather changes primarily shoes and supplies.

Darci Reed: The Just Between Friends sale at the fairgrounds!!

Leslie Carrera Thomas: Just Between Friends (JBF) has a semi-annual consignment sale at the fairgrounds. Anyone in the community can sign up to consign their gently used maternity/baby/children's items. Though much of the clothing and gear is aimed toward infants/toddlers, they do have clothing, shoes, etc. for kids up to 12 years old. I buy many of my 5 year old's clothing items there. I've found great name brand almost-new things for really low prices! Sometimes I even find brand new things (with tags) that have never been worn. Their next sale is coming up in September. Here's the website:

Maggie Schuck: This yr I went to Old Navy for $5 shirts and $10 jeans for my boys. The Children's Place has similar prices. For my daughter we got one out fit at Justice. We only buy a new backpack, shoes and one out fit for school. My kids have been getting new clothes all summer long. They don't need a new wardrobe for school. When the weather changes we'll do more shopping. I like to buy a little at a time that way I don't over spend and I can bargain shop.

Ariana Alvarez: Just between friends is the best!!!! Or I go to Vacaville to once upon a child! I LOVE that store!!!! I was just there! Got a HUGE bag if clothes for 48$

Sylvia Eilers Korver: I have done really well at the Gymboree outlet in Petaluma. Quick question for Santa Rosa Moms...My son is starting Kindergarten at Spring Creek Elementary. That is part of Rincon Valley Unified. Does anyone know if that is a uniform school? We haven't received any information from the school yet. Thanks, in advance!

My son will also be a kindergartener at Spring Creek Elementary and I do not believe they require uniforms. Would love to chat if you are interested!
I went to Old Navy and never miss the JBF sale.

Spring Creek does NOT require uniforms. I'm a teacher at Matanzas (its sister school)

A great way to save on clothes is ThredUp They have like-new used clothes at very reasonable prices. The best deals are on a little higher end brands like Tea, Gymboree, etc. All clothes are VERY clean. My daughter gets compliments in everything she wears from Thred Up. Right now there is 20% with code August20. Its a San Francisco company that I've been using for my daughter for 2 years now. They have baby to school-aged children sizes. Check it out! Free shipping after $30.


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