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Tricia Badillo Lujan asked on our Facebook page: "Anyone know of a good preschool in Santa Rosa?? I have a 20 month old and am new to the area so don't really know where to start looking lol, THANKS!!!"

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I don't know about Santa Rosa but in Sebastopol there is an amazing preschool called Tiny Tots. I want to send Emery there if I can afford it when she is almost 4. They are the best I have ever seen.
I had a great experience with my son at Franklin Park Co-Op Preschool. Great staff, program, and lots of parental involvement.
Merryhill Preschool is NOT one of the best preschools in Santa Rosa and I actually believe quite the opposite! While this environment may have been or may be acceptable to some people I witnessed things that the average parents do not see or know, especially when it comes to corporate child care centers. Corporate=bottom line is money (even at the expense of your children). At Merryhill, I personally witnessed children being neglected and even treated in an abusive manner. I also witnessed some unethical practices by the Executive Director which constitute "White Collar Crimes". I highly advise anyone to stay away from this preschool, however, do not necessarily take my word for it....DO SOME RESEARCH! Speak to parents who are no longer there as they will give you more objective opinions. And for the sake of your child or children, listen to your gut feelings. A corporate developed curriculum (which really is not much better than any other curriculum) is not a reasonable exchange for your children to be potentially neglected or harmed. Most importantly, no matter what Preschool you are considering, check with Community Care Licensing for any complaints which have been filed against the facility:
101 Golf Course Drive, Suite A-230
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
I have to highly disagree with the statement from “Mommy of 6”. My son has been at Merryhill now for a little over a year. I have never seen children being neglected nor mistreated in any way. My son absolutely loves his teachers. There was some turnover in the Beginners classroom (2 year olds) during the winter, so maybe it was then and in that classroom that you witnessed this. There was one teacher that I was not too thrilled with, but not to the point that I feared for my son's safety. And that teacher is no longer there.

Tricia- you are looking for your 20 month old. That would mean he/she would probably be in Ms. Beth's class. My son had Ms. Beth when he started there, and she is awesome, and very patient with the kids. At 2 he/she would probably move up to the Beginners class and be with either Ms. Kimberly or Ms. Melinda. My son just moved up from their classes. Both those teachers are also very patient and loving to the children. I do love Merryhill and the curriculum they teach is awesome. I never have to worry if my son is where he should be educationally. The problem with Santa Rosa, is there are few schools that will take kids under 2. There are only 3 that take infants, so if you are thinking of eventually expanding your family, you might want to consider this in order to have both kids in the same place.

I would agree with “Mommy of 6” that you should do your research. You have to find the school that you are most comfertable with. All preschools will give you a tour of their facility, and answer any questions you have. There is one (the Little Schoolhouse) that never would return my phone calls or answer the phone, but I hear they are under new management since I toured there in 2008. When I was pregnant, I toured all the preschools that took infants. I prefer the corporate ones over home daycares. My daughter (now 13) went to a home daycare and she is so far behind her peers in school. I really like the official center better. This is definitely the best place to get a list of schools to check out. Pretty much everyone here is a parent.

Good luck in your search, and welcome to Santa Rosa!
I completely respect your opinion Gina. And as long as you are happy that is the most important thing. But let me ask you this: How often do you really witness what goes on in the school? I assume that you are there for a drop off and pick up but that leaves many hours in between where you never really know what is going on. Furthermore, what a preschool will show you is what they want you to see. When you tour, they are on their best behavior. Also, you diagree with me but do you know what I have seen? I witnessed with my own eyes. Also, when my son was there he almost lost his eye as the teachers let him run around with a fork and he fell and it stabbed him in the face. So while you can diagree with me you cannot, with absolution, disagree with my experience. In addition, I am very experienced in child care having a degree in the art of child development and early childhood education, as well as being the mother of 6. I have seen it all! The only facility I would ever consider taking my children to is Kindercare in Rohnert Park. Again, call licensing and you will see all the many complaints against Merryhill. Something else that I would like to point out is that the neighborhood is not the best!
Sorry to hear about what happened to your son, but it sounds like you must have worked there prior to the current management, who have been working there for many years. The kids aren't even given forks at lunchtime. We used to be at KinderCare... My husband and I like Merryhill much better. At KinderCare my son was getting bit everyday, and the kid who was doing the biting was never suspended. Since he has been at Merryhill, he has never been bit, or even hurt in anyway. There have also been very few complaints against Merryhill since we have started, as they are required to post them on the door for all parents to see. There have been a few, but they were extremely minor, and never put the kids in danger.
My daughters LOVED Rosebud Preschool which is at the Presbyterian Church of the Roses over in Montgomery Village. Now ages 7 and 9, they still talk about their preschool days. Go spend a day there and you will see why my family loved it. It has a really great "feel" to it.
My daughter will Start Brush Creek Nursery in the Fall. Several of my cowrkers kids have gone there and loved it. We feel in love with in when we toured it. Also the Presbeyterian Chruch on Pacific and McDonald Ave was nice but we Love brush Creek there number is 539-1612
Hi Candice. I have seen the sign for Brush Creek Nursery as I live cloe to there. What ages do they accept?
I think 3, but I would call as I am not 100% sure.
I have a 14 month old that finally got into Bethlehem Children’s Center, she starts August 22 and my husband and I are thrilled!!!! They have a very long waiting list and it is the most comfortable place we have been too, and we have looked a lot. It is all subjective though. We looked at KinderCare in Rohnert Park and I would NEVER send my child there, but one of my co-workers takes her daughter there and loves it! Had we not gotten into Bethlehem Children’s Center my second choice was Learning to Learn in Rohnert Park. One suggesion I have is that if you visit a place during their nap time make sure to go back a second time when it is not nap time. Good luck to you, and welcome to Santa Rosa! I have been here 3 years and LOVE it!
My kids love Presbyterian Preschool.  The teachers are all 
the best, and the play based curriculum is awesome. 
We wouldn't send them to preschool anywhere 


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