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Hi, I'm new here and looking for daycare / preschool recommendations (for full time) for my 3 year old. I'm open to all ideas. Looking for some, but not too much structure. Just want him to be happy and well cared for.
Thank you

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Are you looking in Santa Rosa? Is there a particular area you're looking for?

Yes, in Santa Rosa. I'm looking in the northeast or northwest area. Thanks

Hello! There is a pre-school fair at Finley Community Center on Wed. the 13th. It starts at 7pm. The preschool I work at, Bethlehem Children's Center, will be there and quite a few others though I'm not sure exactly how many. It might be a good way to get info on several options.

Thanks so much!

Just in case it hasn't already been mentioned go to 4Cs or call them and they will give you a list for your area. Additionally try and they too have a referral list for providers. Just remember in-home childcare providers are as great as centers.

From our Facebook Fan Page:

Claudine Bibeau: Woodside West on Guernville Road--i went there as a kid and my son did too! Excellent place and SAFE!

Veronica Thompson: My 3 year old and I love Rincon Valley Christian. The Pre-School director is Mrs. Balderamos. You can take a tour anytime.

I live in the northeast (Larkfield) and take my kids to Sebastopol every day for childcare. It's a long drive, but the family childcare I found there is _superb_. They've learned to write, read, do math, use the potty, bake, ride bikes, and lots of other things. They get plenty of outside time and activities like feeding the ducks at the park, going to the library, and taking care of all sorts of creatures (some rather unusual pets). I get pictures texted to me almost daily of the activities they've done. The owner/caregiver is a very energetic, positive, and flexible with schedules.

If you're willing to make the drive to Sebastopol, Vantassell Family Childcare is excellent. And no, she didn't pay me to write this. :-) I just know how scary it is to leave your kids with a stranger and I appreciated getting recommendations when I was searching. My kids have been with her for nearly two years and they love it. I totally trust her.


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