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I'm in search of a convertible car seat for my 10 month old son. Wondering what you all have and why you like it?

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I have a Safety 1st All In One Convertible Car Seat, and love it. We actually have 2, one for my car and one for Dad's car. There are 3 reclining positions, and it reclines with an easy pull handle on the front of the seat. It adjusts the height with easy handles on the top of the seat. And the harness adjusts easily also with a handle on the front of the car seat. All this is great for when you get baby all in, and then realize the harness is too tight for the winter jacket (or similar situation). I believe it is rear facing up to 30 pounds, then goes forward facing with the 5 point harness, and can be used as a belt positioning booster up to 100 pounds (I’m pretty sure it was 100). The only thing that drives me crazy is my son is forever pulling off the cup holder, tossing it across the backseat, and then wanting it back as I’m driving down the freeway. But that is a small annoyance for all the benefits. My parents bought one for their car, which I totally DO NOT recommend. It is an Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Car Seat CC060GRT. The reclining feature is a fold out bar under the seat. So if baby falls asleep, you cannot recline the seat to make it more comfortable. You actually have to take the seat out of the car, turn it upside down, and fold down the bar. The same thing is true for the height adjustment on the harness. You have to thread the belts through the different slots. So when it is time to change the height, you have to take the car seat out, unthread the belts, and thread them through the higher slot. It does however have the adjusting handle on the front of the seat if the harness it too tight. It also has little storage pockets for toys and such, but the kid can’t reach them when they are buckled in. Good Luck!!!


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