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On Tuesday at a public appearance, a wellwisher handed Kate Middleton a stuffed teddy bear. The duchess thanked the woman, stating "Thank you, I will take that for my d...." and then stopped. A woman overheard her, and asked Kate if she was about to say "daughter", which Kate denied, telling her that they didn't yet know the gender. But when the woman pressed further, Kate told her she would not be revealing the baby's gender.

However, it appears that Kate Middleton really did slip up and reveal they are having a girl.

I feel bad the secret she and William were holding about whether the baby was a boy or a girl. Being that this is her first child, she is probably completely consumed with excited thoughts about her baby, and likely has even been practicing what it sounds like to refer to her child, son or daughter. To slip up in public must have been so disappointing to her, especially since hers is probably the most watched pregnancy in the world.

But the exciting part is that, if the baby is a girl, she can still rule England as Queen, regardless if her siblings are boys, as determined by the new decree that the firstborn child of Kate and William will rule no matter what their gender is.

Well, girl or boy, I hope the duchess is feeling better from the extreme morning sickness she was feeling, and the baby is born healthy. :-)

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