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One of our moms asks, "What is the going rate for sitters and how much should be tipped? Preparing for a potential date night!"

What do you pay your sitter?

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I'm looking forward to seeing the responses to this question! I have two little ones and I have never left them with a sitter before. The information from other moms will be really helpful for when the "sitter time" comes for us!

I am just starting my in home care for kids in Bennett Valley, Santa Rosa....I provide food, potty training, all hours needed, have CPR/first aid cert. and 16 accredited educational units in early rates are $5 an hour for one child and $8 an hour for two kids....this might be a little low but being a single mom with two children of my own, I thought this amount to be pretty fair and cheaper then the rest....especially who wouldn't love a date night or go shopping alone and not cost them too much! I wish there was someone like this for my children when they were littler!

what we pay for 2 toddlers:
15/hr for adult professional nanny
8/hr for 14 year old neighborhood kid
6/hr for 12 year old neighborhood kid
1/hr for 8-12 mother's helper nighborhood child

I'd have to find one first! haha


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