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I want to share a Halloween story. My kids and I went to Costco to buy candy. At Costco, I asked if they want to give candy or fruit. They chose fruit. I told them I was so happy to give out something healthy, and not give money to the candy companies. First, we went trick or treating. While trick or treating, I thought that they, and maybe I, would be embarrassed to give out the bananas and oranges. Well, they wanted to rush home to start. As the children came, the comments started.
They were as follows:
As one group of children left, "That was the best house so far!" My son said, "Wow, did you hear that?"
One group of 10-12 year old children came. A boy told my son, "Don't put that in my bag, because I am going to peel it right now!"
A parent said, "Great idea."
We heard kids across the street telling other children that our house was giving fruit.
Our neighbor told me the next day that the children were eating their fruit, when they came to his house.
Everyone really loved it, especially my kids. It was by far my favorite Halloween ever. I asked my boys what they liked better giving out food, or going to collect it. They liked giving it out. We gave out 110 bananas and oranges. We had to shut our lights out, because we ran out.
Thank you for reading!

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That's pretty incredible! My kids are fruit lovers too. I'm not sure they'd love it over candy, though, lol! But in a similar kind of story, my 12 year old son gave all his Halloween candy away to his friends so he wouldn't have it in our house for too long. I was really proud of him.


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