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I normally wouldn't post this, but I have one of those hearts that HAS to help. I am not able to afford much this Christmas for my own family but I strongly believe that I CAN help others and that we are much better off than many people.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine & President of our PTA (also having a huge heart), posted this plea via FB. She gave me permission to share it as she is trying to help these families at my son's school (where I also have volunteered for 4yrs). I can vouch to say that I know these families and this isn't a ploy or fake. I can also tell you that they would NEVER ask for this help on their own, so anything we can do would be beneficial.

Again, we aren't trying to make anyone do anything beyond their means or have anyone feel guilty. I believe that any day I can give anything (time, money, a hug, a ride somewhere, etc.) to help someone is important and part of who I am and this time of year, even more so. Thanks for reading through and helping where you can. Happy Holidays!

Here's Vikki's post:
Tis the season to count your blessings and be in the holiday spirit. In the past few weeks I have come across a few families in need. One is a single mom works full time at Village as an aid and raising a 14 month old. She makes just enough to pay for rent, car and childcare. She is on food stamps and doesn't even have a cell phone. And forget internet. The baby girl needs 2T clothes and diapers (food stamps doesn't pay for that).

Another person is also an aid for our one blind student at school. She has teens that have gone through Village and used to be our Parent Club President. Her car broke down and she is not going to be able to fix it. She had to get rid of her cell phone and she runs a daycare after school with kids who have special needs. She watches 5 kids but only gets paid for 3 of them, the mother of the children is financially struggling herself and my friend can't turn them away.

Another is a young family who lost everything due to a home fire. Children are (4yr) boy, (5yr) boy, and (7yr) girl. Can anyone out there help me help them? THANKS SO MUCH!

14 mo girl - size 2T girl
4 and 5 year old boys - size 5-7
7 yr girl - size 7/8
anything for the 3 moms

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Jessica, how should anyone wishing to help get these items to the families?

Oops, sorry. Ok, let me get permission from Vikki but until I know for sure, email me if you can help out & then I will pass all info back to her. Since she initiated this without them knowing, I think it would be best if she were the contact (but I do want to double check 1st). Thanks :)

I would also like to help these families. Have you found a way
to get our help to them? Thanks, Doug

I've been given permission by the PTA Pres. who'd originally posted to go thru me, but I will email her again to see where she is on helping out. I haven't heard more from her since I 1st posted where she'd mentioned that many people jumped up to help. However, there are several families, so I'll double check. Thanks Douglas, I'll repost when I have more info.

UPDATES! Please read: I was in contact with Vikki Ausiello today (12/17/12) & was told there are still many items needed. I was given permission for drop offs to go to the Village Elementary School office at 900 Yulupa Ave. in Santa Rosa. Office hours are 8am - 3:30pm. Please attach Vikki Ausiello's name to the item you are dropping off.
SCHOOL IS OUT for Winter Break starting on Friday for 2 weeks! I know that needs are needs & would be greatly appreciated, even if you cannot get them to the school before the Winter Break starts.
Thanks so much for your help!


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