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How to design a room for kids? What color should be used? What type of bed should be offered? How spacious the room should be?

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Hi, Brian. You bring up some good questions. I think a lot of the answers depend on a variety of factors -- age/interests/preferences of the child, how much time/effort/money you want to put into the room, and what space you have to work with. I have two children (school age and toddler) and two bedrooms to put them in. The older child got the bigger room, the younger child has the smaller room. Their walls are the same color as the rest of the house -- I'm not a big fan of the mess and hassle of painting, so we just decorate with color (bedspread, wall hangings, decorations, etc.) instead of putting color on the walls. As for bed, that depends, too. Some folks go with a twin bed, and others go with a full-size bed. If you need the room to be multi-functional, you could always go with a trundle under the bed, so that you would have room for house guests or your child's friend when they sleep over. I'd say there probably isn't a right-or-wrong answer to any of the questions you asked -- just find what feels "right" for your family. Good luck! :o)

Thanks for you advice. But don't take it other way I would like add something extra with the room. Paintings or cartoons. I think kids will love them.


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