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They all have them - those annoying habits your kid has that's like nails on a chalkboard. Perhaps it's the incessant need to hum. Maybe it's their second nature to tease their younger siblings. For some, they have so much energy they are a constant ball of fidgets. Or, like my son, they enjoy making random noises just to hear the sound of their voice.

"Scary Mommy" at The Stir shared the 25 most annoying habits that her readers wrote about their own kids. Of them, she included the constant need to give excuses, slamming doors, spit slurping, high pitched toddler screams, fascination over bodily functions, and eye rolling.

Let's all have a laugh at our kids' expenses. What is your child's annoying habit that drives you nuts?

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Never fails, huh? As soon as your attention is off of them, they'll do anything to get you to pay attention to them again! Even if they didn't even need it before, lol!


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