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Have you seen this lamb?

Lambie has been missing since Dec 21st or 22nd when her family went Christmas shopping in Santa Rosa over the weekend. His mommy, 2.5 year old Coco, is devastated that her Lambie is missing. As you can see, Lambie is quite well loved, and is probably missing his mommy too. Last he was seen was either Macy's or Costco, though Coco and her mommy aren't quite sure. Here's what Coco's mom wrote:

"My name is Candi Brown. I am a mom to two sweet girls, Coco 2.5 and Gigi 11 months. I am writing you because I am desperately searching for Coco's sweet Lambie, a very well loved stuffed animal lamb. You see, the weekend before Christmas my husband and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping with our girls and Lambie got lost in all of the shuffle. Coco is devastated. She does everything with Lambie. I've documented her love of his with photos throughout her short 2 years. My husband and I have looked through trash, under beds, couches, and in dumpsters.

I'm writing you as a last ditch effort to see if I can get the word out for our community to look for Lambie. I am desparate. As a mom, I know you know how much these transitional objects mean to our little ones. Our dog of 16 years died a month ago. It was a terrible loss for our family. Losing Lambie has been too much.

Lambie was lost either Friday the 21st or Saturday the 22nd. We were shopping in Santa Rosa. We went to Macy's at the plaza mall and parked on the top level (next to Macy's). We also went to Costco and may have left him in a shopping cart or in the parking lot.

Thank you so much. Desperate mom over here :-/


If you can help, please contact me here or at Let's try and find Lambie!

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