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Mom recreates newborn pics with adopted 13 year old son

Professional photographer Kelli Higgins was preparing for a upcoming photo session with a newborn baby when her 13 year old adopted son, Latrell, gave an unexpected wish - he wished he had newborn baby photos of himself.

It wasn't necessarily an odd request. Latrell and his younger sister, Chanya, were 10 and 5 when they joined the Higgins family. There were no baby pictures of either of them.

So when sister Chanya jokingly suggested doing a newborn photo shoot with Latrell, the idea quickly turned from humorous banter about baby poses to an actual photo shoot with Latrell in the studio.



“Here's my sweet not so little newborn! His name is Latrell and weighs 112 lbs.,” Higgins wrote on her Facebook page, sharing the photo with others. The photo immediately went viral, prompting mixed reactions that mostly professed how inspirational the idea was.

But the best reaction Higgins has received from the photo are from parents who were thinking about adopting, and decided to go with an older child - giving hope to reducing the number of children who age out of the system without ever being adopted and having a parent to call their own.

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