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So, you know how every month Mother Nature graces you with that lovely gift of cramps, bloating, and everything else that comes with your period?  A new tampon delivery service,, wishes to make this monthly experience a little better by sending you their own gift. 


Here's how it works:

You sign up for their service and let them know the day your period is expected and they type of tampons and/or pads you use.  In return, they send you 30 pads/tampons, a special gift, and chocolate.  The service costs $15 a month, and is sent on the same day every month.

Their reasons for providing this service?

"Nature's gift stinks, so we give you a better one."

"PMS - Not so hard when chocolate covered."

They want to give you a reason to "look forward to that time of the month".


Check out their video:



The pros I see with this:  It's always nice to get something cool in the mail.  They give you chocolate!  And a gift!  You don't have to worry about running out to the store because you were ill-prepared for your monthly visitor.  And when you're feeling bloated and crampy and depressed because it's that time of the month, this serves as the perfect little pick-me-up.


The cons:  Not everyone's cycle runs on the dot.  This was set up as a monthly service (every 30 days), but a "regular cycle" is actually 28 days.  And not every woman even runs this regularly.  They only allow for 30 items - what about us who receive a, um, heavier "gift" from nature?  And it's $15.  A box of tampons bought at the store costs less than $10. 


What do you think of  Would you ever use it?

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