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My kids are older, so gone are the days of long lines at Toys R Us for the "IT" toy of the year (anyone remember Tickle Me Elmo?). But don't think I'm getting off scot-free. Now my 11-17 year old kids want things like MP3 players, video games, and of course, cold hard cash. A few non-conventional items this year included a request for a trip to New Zealand and a girlfriend. I know one kid who is going to be highly disappointed this year, lol!

Have your kids set up their gift list yet? What's topping their must-have present for this year's holiday? And what do YOU want?

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There are a few toys that seem to be appearing on a lot of the favorite toy lists for 2012:

1. LEGO Minecraft. This game has snuck into the gaming world, both on PCs and game consoles. My 11 year old is obsessed, as are all of his friends. It's basically a game where player work together to create elaborate lands, everything made from cubes that are pieced together. It's actually quite impressive. With Legos, gamers can take their building offline and have something they can hold in their hand. Ages 10 & Up. Lots of small parts, not for kids under 3. Prices vary depending on kits.

2. Perplexus. I love that this game is showing up on top lists everywhere. This was actually created by one of our local teachers, and has become quite popular among kids and adults alike that enjoy a good challenge. There are several different versions to choose from, all of them sure to test your focus and agility. Recommended for kids 6-14. $15 - $30.

3. Furby. I cannot believe this one is showing up again. After the obsessed swarming that happened in the late 90s over these toys, Hasbro has “rebooted” the babbling stuffed animal and just released them again – this time with new features and expressive eyes. It responds to voice and music, even dancing if music is played. And toys are unpredictable in their response, have specific likes and dislikes, and behave certain ways depending on how their owner treats them. They also respond to other Furbys. But the funniest (or perhaps scariest) part is that it can be run in”evil” mode. Ages 6 mos – 8 years. $50-$80.

See more gift ideas on my blog by CLICKING HERE.

My 7 year old really wanted a Wii U (HA this single income household with 2 kids probably won't be able to afford that) ...however, I have him convinced that a Nintendo DS would be a better option...this is a very difficult situation as up until very recently video games were banned from the house.. but it works as a really great motivator. My husband and I want to get him a telescope because he is really into space. So what he will actually get is up in the air.
He also said something about an Angry Birds Knex set...this makes me nervous with a 5 month old baby in the house...sounds like a choking hazard waiting to that also is up in the air.

I would love a DRAMA FREE Christmas...that's all I could ask for! I have a healthy happy family so no need to ask for that one!

All I can say about the videogames is to be sure you enforce limits early and stick to your guns! They can be highly addictive to young boys, and if it's not harnessed, it can quickly get out of control. Trust me, I know from experience! Lol. I love the telescope idea.

And I really love the drama free idea. Good luck with that one!

Yes, I totally agree about the being addictive especially with his Aspergers...which is why they were banned for so long....will totally be sticking to my guns on this for sure!


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