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Hey fellow moms,

It just so happens that Halloween is on a Wednesday this year and that is a day that my daughter has a custodial visit with her dad. My daughter is 2 and she is my one and only child. I am trying to find some kind of alternative halloween activity to take her to where she can dress up and I can take her trick or treating (not on Halloween night). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


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This Thursday (Oct 11) is the Monster-free night at the Wicked West Ghost Town.

Saturday, October 27th, Plaza North in Petaluma has a Halloween celebration:

Tuesday, October 30: Analy Pre-school's Halloween Carnival for toddlers - 6 years old, 5-8 pm. ANALY HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA - 6950 Analy Ave., Sebastopol

Those are just a few. :-) I hope to have a full list up soon.

This is one of the sucky parts of joint custody. I'm lucky because I get my kids for most of the important holidays. But they spend every Thanksgiving with their dad. I can't be selfish because I get Christmas, Halloween, etc. He doesn't, and I know that sucks for him too. The good news for you is that you get to stay in and stay warm while the rest of us endure tired legs and freezing temps! Sorry you have to miss out on trick-or-treating though. :-(

Thanks Crissi! Awesome. I'll definitely hit up the event in Petaluma. Thanks so much for the suggestions!!

Do you have family/friends that live near you?... or do you kow your neighbors? If so, I'm sure they'd be happy to help you out on another night. You might be able to set up a trick-or-treating evening a couple days early or a couple days late. I know that I usually have my Halloween candy on hand early, and there is always leftovers. If my neighbors were to ask me to help with something like this, I would absolutely love to! I hope you and your daughter have a fun Halloween, even if it is a day early or a day late.

What a sweet idea! Thanks LT. My family would love to participate in a special "trick or treating" day. They will be so happy just to see her all dressed up! Thanks!!

My husband, myself, his ex-wife, and her new husband all took the kids trick-or-treating together as a group for the first few years after their divorce. We also all attended all birthdays and school functions. It's only a few hours, and we are all able to act like grownups. I don't know if this would be possible in your situation, but now that the girls are teenagers, my DH and his ex are reaping the benefits of having always presented a united front.

Shannon, having been though the whole shared custody thing (the kids are grown now), try to look at this as an opportunity to create new traditions with your daughter.

The Bel Aire shopping center in Napa is doing merchant trick-or-treating on Sat. 10/27 from 12-3 with a costume contests and activities. Halloween at Howarth Park, also Sat. 10/27, looks really fun. I think there's a small charge and passes need to be purchased in advance. I'd also check your closest library branches for any fun activities and churches often hold harvest festivals the weekend before Halloween.


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