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My name is Rebecca and I will be moving to the Santa Rosa area in 8 days!
I came here once for the baby shower that my husband family threw me in July.
I'm from Georgia so this is far from home. Husband is getting out of the army and hopefully
this will be our permanent home. We have a 4 month baby girl named Gwenyth :) I do not make a ton of income, so if anyone can tell me where to get deals, consignment stores, where to shop, etc.. that would be wonderful! I'm also a very proud cloth diapering mama! :D I'm looking for others who share my passion. :) TIA!

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I recommend Food Maxx on stony point road for groceries, but go when you can leave the kids behind at first- it is a very large crowded store and not laid out very well. Also, get yourself signed up for "Just Between Friends - NorthBay" its a quarterly(?) consignment sale with great deals on kids clothes. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Thank you! I plan on volunteering!

Welcome, I have a 4 year old daughter and my partner is in the military as well. I recommend shopping sales for cloths, also shop at some of the local palces for produce/fruit/veggies like Imwalles Garden and Farmers markets. You can always feel free to email me if you have any questions

awesome! will do! thanks!

Hi! I grew up in Santa Rosa and moved around when my husband joined the Navy. He got medically retired at the end of 2011 and we moved back here. I have three boys 6,4 and 20 months. I am a proud breastfeeding, baby wearing, carseat crazy cloth diapering mom :)

Sounds like we will get along! :D Im a breastfeeding mama too, dont wear baby all the time but have carrier for those days I am shopping and dont want to bring stroller in. And we already know about the cloth diapering! :D


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