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We need to move from our current preschool (8-1) to a full day in the Fall.
We are looking in Santa Rosa between downtown & spring lake area.

Has anyone heard anything about / know anything about kiwi preschool behind Mary's Pizza
Shack on Summerfield?

Any other recommendations in that area?


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My daughter went to Kiwi and we had an absolutely wonderful experience there! I loved how they have separate classes based on age, but they also did whole-school activities together, too. Every year for Christmas, they have an evening performance that includes music, singing, poems, etc. and every year they have a luncheon during the school day for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Grandparent's Day where the students sing and/or recite poems to honor the important adults in their lives. My daughter took pre-ballet classes from a ballet teacher that comes into Kiwi once a week. The children have so many opportunities to partcipate in age-appropriate pre-academic, social/emotional, motor, and art activities. In addition to the "typical" kinds of activities that you would expect preschoolers to be doing, the staff really holds the bar high in terms of expectations. They don't "talk down" to the kids -- my then-four-year-old came home one day telling me all about constellations and space exploration, which her class had been discussing. When my daughter was transitioning to Kindergarten, I was so sad to have to say good-bye to such a great school and staff! I look forward to the time when my younger child is old enough to learn and play at Kiwi!

I know that the most important thing to consider is how your own child might respond in a particular environment... not every child responds the same way in one environment. We personally LOVED Kiwi... I would suggest that you contact Kiwi and ask to go visit/observe. I had my then-two-and-a-half year old with me when I went to observe, and watching her reaction to being there was one of big deciding factors in choosing Kiwi. The owner's name is Huia (pronounced "who-yuh"), and the director's name is Michele. They would be more than happy to schedule a tour/observation/meeting for you, I'm sure. Good luck! I hope that whichever preschool you end up choosing is a wonderful and nurturing environment for your child and your family!

My daughter currently attends Brush Creek Nursery School. They are wonderful the entire staff is wonderful. I am so sad that this is her final year at the school. I would contact them to schedule a tour.

You are the lucky guys that your kids are now ready for school. Parents who got infants and are working are often into the state of dilemma whether to get a sitter for their kids or try out a day care. Well I am not a fan for both, but if somehow have to make a choice will go for sitter.

I would not recommend Brush Creek Montessori. We had a terrible experience. We couldn't leave in the middle, and stayed until the end. It was the most stressful year. We also didn't like the upper part of the school either. They are owned by 3 teachers. The school lacks in academics, empathy and physical education. People are very unhappy there. Parents are working on a Charter Montessori this year. Brush Creek Nursery is different, and I have heard wonderful things.

Have any of you Moms out there heard of a "Hippy Farm" preschool in Santa Rosa that is supposed to be really good?

Thanks so much Danielle!!

On a recommendation from a friend, my son went to Kiwi a few years ago from age 2-5 and I loved it. Great hours, wonderful and personal owners, extras like Karate classes and family events. I always felt safe while he was there and I felt that the school was a good value compared to other choices in the area. My son was well prepared for kindergarten, too! I totally recommend!
I've had family members attend Brush Creek Nursery School, which is a wonderful school, but it is expensive and hard to get into.


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