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Admittedly, I struggle in the area of finding snacks for my kids that aren't loaded with carbs and sugar.  They want something they can just grab quickly and eat between meals.  If there isn't anything in the house like chips or pre-packaged snacks (which are NEVER good), they claim "there's no food!"  


I've tried to remedy this by making more snacks ahead of time like peanut butter and cut up celery or apples, cut up carrots, and having fruit on hand all the time.  I also found a recipe for crustless quiche muffins that contains only veggies, cheese, eggs, and milk (and sounds totally delicious!) that I am enthusiastic about trying.


But what else?  What are some of your go-to snack ideas that are both healthy and kid-friendly?


*NOTE:  We are happy to be working with "So Fit! Sonoma County", a program that offers healthy tips for parents to keep their kids active and eating well.  In May, we will be publishing a full page ad in the Press Democrat for So Fit!, in partnership with Celebrate Community.  We will be including healthy snack ideas from any comments left here.  So share your snack ideas today!

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