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When my son was really young, he had a moment when he was so angry he couldn't think of a single way to channel all that rage. We were driving along in the car when this happened, and I could just sense his intense feelings of emotion.

"I'm so mad...I'm so mad...I'm so mad, I could just...." he paused, not sure if he wanted to continue. But finally he did. "I'm so mad I could say a really bad word!" he shouted.

"Ok," I said, much to his surprise. "Go ahead and say it."

"Really?" he asked me. "I won't get in trouble?"

"Nope," I told him. I told him that no one would be able to hear him as we drove, and if it helped for him to get out some of his frustration, he could just let loose and say whatever it was that he wanted to say. "But this is the only time you can do this, so make it count," I warned him.

I never knew my kid had such a potty mouth, as evidenced by the string of words that followed.

But when he was done, he felt much better. The thing he was angry about still existed, but at least he was able to move past the disappointment.

And I never regretted breaking that mom rule.

Over at The Stir, a blogger listed 10 parenting rules that are meant to be broken. Of these rules, she listed:
- Being a good example (because sometimes we make mistakes)
- Only let kids watch 30 minutes of TV a day (because rainy and lazy days happen)
- School attendance is a must (because a day off without being sick can make a really cool memory)
- Your child's needs should come first (because your needs matter too)

What are some rules you've been taught as a parent that really need to be broken?

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