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A mother has been thankfully reunited with her baby in San Jose when her baby went missing earlier today. Early this morning, she had placed the infant in her carseat and then went back in the house for just a moment. It only took a few moments, from the mother walking in and then walking out of her house, for the car with her baby inside to be taken.

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The ending to this story is a happy one, thank goodness!  The Jeep Liberty was located in a neighborhood across town by a neighbor who heard the baby crying inside.  She was checked out by the hospital and was determined to be in good health before being reunited with her mother.  

Everything turned out ok, but this story serves as a loud reminder to all parents to never leave their child in the car unattended - even for a few seconds.  It can be tempting, especially when your in a rush and don't seem to have enough hands, or the baby is peacefully napping in their carseat and you only mean to leave them for a minute or two.  But as the story showed, it can only take a minute or two for something horrible to happen.

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