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I found this pretty interesting. A study published in the journal 'Child Development' states that behavioral issues from kindergarten on are a direct effect of how a mom is with their kids - that a hostile relationship between mothers and their kids raises the possibility of defiant behavior in the child after 5 years old.

From TIME Healthland:

In the average American family, aggression is often modeled by parents.

Lorber's research group has found that more than 70% of moms and dads hit or spank their children. But that's not the point of this particular study, which subjected 7-to-10-day-old babies to a neurological exam that included pinpricks and cold objects placed against their skin. The infants' reaction to the annoying sensations determined their baseline level of "neonatal difficulty." Then, when the infants were 3 and 6 months old, researchers asked mothers about their babies' temperament. At the same time, they observed the mothers feeding their children, noting whether the women acted affectionate or irritated.

Later, at 24 and 42 months, the mothers were observed assisting the children with extracting objects from a tube. Finally, when the children were in kindergarten or first grade, mothers and teachers each rated the children's behavior.

The biggest predictor of sustained hostility? Negative parenting at three and six months. "Nothing about the child's behavior in infancy predicted anything," says Lorber. "But we did find that negative parenting in infancy was really important."

Here's Lorber's equation: negative mom = negative dyad = conduct problems in school.

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While I can definitely agree that the way a child is parented has an affect on their behavior, I find it interesting that this study is so one-sided. What about the way a FATHER parents their child? And what about kids who have had "sensitive" parenting and are still considered aggressive?

What are your thoughts on this?

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I suppose I have the same questions you do, but I would go another step further and ask what about the gender differences in the children themselves; was the child's gender of any focus and did male and female children react differently to the different gender types of the parents and their negative behaviors? Without these specifics, the study sounds like a hit piece against moms.
Interesting, but I must ask -who volunteered their 2 week old babies for pinpricks?
I was wondering the same thing.


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