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I don't think that enough people know you can take your kids swimming in a 3 acre lagoon on a sandy beach in Santa Rosa. There are even Lifeguards during the summer when the lagoon is open, and it’s a great spot to bring all your big inflatable water toys! The hip new Lakeside Grill recently opened at the north end of the lagoon to serve you food and drink if you forgot yours at home. It serves some alcoholic beverages and some pretty decent food from what I understand. It is under new management and the new owners have set up nice tables and umbrellas on the shore of the lagoon. The whole place oozes "Vacation Vibes"....

Kids and parents can swim the day away from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. So if you haven't already checked it out, grab your squirt guns and inflatable rafts and do it soon! The Spring Lake swimming lagoon turns into a leash-free dog park for the weekend of Sept. 8th, 2012. All dogs are invited to romp, splash and play in the sand! For more info, check out

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Hi Shannon!

Thank you for the post! I had no idea that the lake had been cleaned up so much! I has been several years since my family has gone out there, last time we went out, the lake was being closed due to some strange bacteria in the water.

We are going to have to go check it out before they let the dogs loose!


Hi Rachel!

Yes, there is still some sort of algae in the lake that smells and looks horrible in some areas but the Lagoon is in a separate area. And I am told it is regularly cleaned. Not sure what that means... Anyhow, we had a blast there today. The kids rented big inner tubes while we ate oysters from the new grill there. It goes to the dogs next weekend! :)

Spring Lake adds chlorine to their swimming lagoon, so it was unaffected by the algae problem the lake was having this past year. It's definitely safe to swim in. The "Dog Bark" celebration this Saturday looks like a blast! And I am totally loving the Lakeside Grill. There's definitely a "vacation vibe" going on there!

That is great to know that it is cleaned! Thanks Crissi!


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