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So, recently I made the switch to cloth diapers....I don't have many, but what I have works for a couple days so I'm not really doing that much more laundry...are there many other cloth mamas around? What are your "methods" & tried & true products?

Btw, I LOVE cloth! I've been called "granola" & "crunchy" for my mama-style, but I just think I'm trying to simplify life, which is becoming overrun by gadgets & disposable EVERYTHING! :)

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We used cloth until our son was about 18 months (he is 4 now). We loved them. We used a diaper service the first 6 months as we went through so many, but when we did the math on the money, decided to wash them ourselves after that. He seriously never had diaper rash. Best thing was the actual diapers were hand-me-downs from my niece, and have since been handed down again. They last forever!

We used the velcro outer waterproof liners- can't recall name, but you folded diaper inside. Those plastic grabber things they make to hold them together- I never could get the hang of those.

We did usually bring disposables traveling. Lugging around dirty diapers not too appealing. I have to say, he always seemed to leak or have an issue with the disposables....

Good luck!

Thanks Maya...It didn't even occur to me to use a service until I posted it on Facebook that I had made the switch. Then my SIL came forward and said she used a service and did cloth on both my nephew and niece...
Did you use flats/prefolds and covers or pockets (like FuzziBunz)?

I think they were prefolds with covers. The actual diapers were REALLy thick- so he never leaked, but fitting pants as he got older was an issue- hence the switch to disposable at 18 months.
Good luck!

I used cloth for both my kids who are now 6 and 10 and we used cloth until they were almost 2. I used paper at night after a year because they were sleeping through and I didn't want the bed soaked. We used a service and loved the convenience. The diapers came in a giant stack and we would fold them in thirds lengthwise to get them ready. The only time they even looked like they were getting a rash was when we were on trips and had to use paper diapers and they spent long amounts of time in a car seat.

The only modifications we had to do were to buy more "onesie" type tops because they helped hold up the diaper. We used the velcro wraps too, the brand was "Bumkins" which were easy to clean and dried fast. And they lasted through both kids! We tried the heavier-duty wraps that were thick and found that the gusseting around the legs wicked out moisture onto the kids' clothes. The Bumkins wraps had no "cloth" on them to wick anything out and were a much better wrap for fighting leaks.

I highly recommend cloth diapers.

We have been using cloth on our nearly 18-month old son since birth, and have loved it. It's great not to ever run out of diapers, nor to keep spending money on disposables. I find the laundering is easy to do every few days, and as the other posters have said, no problems with rashes. I also really like avoiding all the chemicals that are in nearly all disposables.

I've mostly stuck with cloth when traveling, too. On one longer trip out of state, I went with sposies and had tons of problems with leaks and blowouts.

I will say that when exploring what system to buy before he was born, I was pretty overwhelmed by the huge variety and had no idea what to get. Luckily, a friend gave me some great suggestions, and passed her stash along to me.

Here's my set-up:

Kissaluv's fitted "kissas" with Motherease Airflow covers. We have these in two sizes, and have found this pairing to be ideal. Especially useful for avoiding NB blow-outs. Bombproof!

Also use the Motherease covers over Totsbots, which were passed down to me and are no longer made. They're a fitted diaper without any closure-you use them w. snappis or pins, so you can get just the fit you want. Other manufacturers still make diapers similar to Totsbots. I like these less now that my little guy pretty much refuses to lie still for changes.

I also have a supply of organic prefolds from Green Mountain Diaper (an online company that I highly recommend). I use these with other covers. My favorite is a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. The others that I've tried tend to wick (Thirsties, Weehuggers). Last key thing are inserts for extra absorption at night or during naps.

Oh, and of course, cloth wipes and wet bags (large for home, small for travel).

I've got a couple of pocket style and all-in-one styles, and I don't like them as much as the fitteds or prefolds, but a lot of people swear by them. To me, it seems like all-in-ones are a bigger investment, and all of the all in ones that I got used eventually started leaking a little. I didn't like stuffing the pocket diapers.

I have a pretty big stash, but you really don't need much in order to cloth diaper. There are some really cute, fun and fashionable diapers and wraps, too (see etsy, Goodmama, wool longies & shorties, etc...).

I've found that I like my flats & covers better than my AIO's...... been on cloth for weeks now (even took a 3day trip) & I way dig it :)

I have recently started using cloths too, well I used them when my daughter was first born then went back to disposable and now again on cloths for good :)
I have been using the all in ones and the G-diapers with cloth inserts instead of the compostable ones you see at whole foods. I came across these Kawaii all in one diapers and had to try them out because they were so inexpensive! They have been great and I love that they are one size fits all. Super easy to use and hold in the mess REALLY well! Here is the link-
I keep the rinsed dirty diapers in a bucket with a mixture of water and baking soda and I wash every third day and hang them out to dry (when its sunny) the sun gets rid of any stains. I also use biokleen bac-out if I can't get a stain out or I can't hang them out to dry. So far so good :)

That's awesome! I recently discovered Kawaii's but I use the covers with flats....under seven bucks a cover & free shipping with no minimum order & I've got three in my stash! :)

I tried the little g diapers with my first and totally failed - i knew nothing about cd and ruined all my cloth inserts using bordeaux's all natural butt paste, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and dreft- LOL! I've tried stripping those a few times, but some of them STILL hardly absorb anything.

I gave it up after a few months, but with my second I switched to cloth about two months ago and I am LOVING it!!!
I use unbleached prefolds with the hybrid grovia shell. Love that combo. I use cloth for travel as well, I have two planet wise wet bags that are awesome. I also love CJ's BUTTer butt cream. Smells SO GOOD and works really well (my boy has had some form of rash since he was a week old - so far only CJ's keeps it minimal)
I rinse my diapers with cold water in the sink, wring them out, and toss them in a rumparoos pail liner (no pail) that sits in our bathroom. I wash every 3-4 days with a quarter cup of planet. I live in an apartment complex with crappy washers/dryers but still, so far so good.
I also JUST got my tax return and ordered some kawaii's, some thirsties AIO, some peachy green AI2's, and some kiwi pie fitteds. I can't WAIT to get them!!!
AND ps - they actually DO still make totbots. ;)
I'm really attached to my cloth diapers. I LOVE doing diaper laundry. So far I have found NO downside to cloth diapering. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


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