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I just got back from Kohls and Ross, and went to Kmart for the school supplies for both of my kids. $400 later.... I swear it's like buying for Christmas every year! And that's not even including what I had to pay at registration for the student body card and photos, and will pay later for yearbooks, gym clothes, field trips.... If I hadn't put money aside, I'd be in a really tough spot right now. But it's still a tough pill to swallow when these costs come all at once.

Anyone else paying out the nose for the start of school?

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I got lucky at the dollar store, go there first. Rite aid has great deals on supplies also
I guess things haven't changed much since my mom took me school shopping. I recall her spending $150-$200 every August.

My daughter will start kindergarten next year and my son the year after. I guess I should start saving now. Or sell an organ.


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