Conversation, ideas and events for parents in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County posted a list of 30 things kids should do before they grow up. Of them, my favorites included wearing as many stickers as humanly possible (that includes the Dole banana stickers), collect random things (um, hello box of bugs?), wear a costume just because (admit it, you totally would be a princess 24/7 if you could get away with it too - or maybe that's just me), and believe in holiday magic (we could all use a little bit of magic, right?).

What I would also add to their list is:

- Spin in circles till you're dizzy
- Wear feeted pajamas (never a good look for a grown up*)
- Wear overalls (*see above)
- Enjoy a guilt-free dessert
- Buy something with your own money
- Sing, even if you're in public, even if you don't know the words
- Have an imaginary friend/pet/sibling/magical creature
- Believe in fairies

What's on your list for things you'd love your kids to do before they grow up?

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- Build or make something for someone they care about
- Give stuff away for fun

- Save their money till they reach $100.
- Cook something (with a parent's help) to be served with dinner
- Finger paint
- Jump in a mud puddle
- Stand in the rain without an umbrella
- Watch ants up close
- Hike up a tall hill
- Dial grandma's phone number all by themself (and chat with her)
- Try a new food every week
- Do something brave every week


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