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Hello, I'm looking for suggestions of places to go with an 18 month old child in Sonoma County. My daughter's father is flying in for a visitation for a week and it's up to me to find places where we can go that he can spend time with her. He's not welcome at our house. I was thinking about the discovery center at Howarth Park and Saturday there are the ponies and train there, but any other suggestions? Trying to keep it in under a low budget too. I haven't been to the aquarium or zoo in SF since I was a kid myself, anyone been there lately? Does it appeal to a young child or just more hassle than it's worth with the drive down there?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Howarth park sounds like a great idea! The libraries in Sonoma County also offer a full schedule of events. I publish a newsletter of events ( and it shares the ideal age so you'd know if it is good your little one. Not sure of the dates you are looking at but there is a Dr. Seuss event at the Sebastopol Library this Sat. Mine is 20 months so I tend to post a lot of events for that age. Best of luck with your week.


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