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Following a major awards show, like the Golden Globes, there is usually much talk about what the stars wore. But New York photographer, Tricia Messaroux, did more than just talk - she saw the fashion show on the red carpet as inspiration for her next project.

And she used toddlers as her models.

As the awards show aired on Sunday, Messaraoux worked with designer Andrea Pitter to create identical looks and patterns based on what was being worn across the red carpet. Then on Monday, they shopped for fabric and props. By Tuesday, they were shooting the looks.

"I held a casting call for the Golden Globes red carpet the day before," Messeroux told "These are regular kids who happen to like taking pictures."

The kids then dressed up like Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, Stacy Keibler, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry and Lucy Liu, and posed just like the stars they were imitating

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Here are the looks Messaroux and Pitter came up with.  I've gotta say, the Halle Berry one is my favorite.  What's yours?


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