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A story about two boys in Washington, Missouri who met and figured out they were brothers is so surreal it seems to have MOVIE written all over it. But that's what happened when 12-year-old Isaac and 13-year-old Dakota met at the community pool to swim with mutual friends, meeting each other for the first time. The kids kept noticing that the boys looked an awful lot like each other, commenting on the fact that they had the same hands, same feet, same nose, same haircut, and even the same walk. When asked if they were bothers, Dakota mentioned the brother he had never me who had been adopted by a woman named "Dawn".

"That's my mom's name," Isaac said.

It was soon discovered that they really were brothers when Isaac came home that night and asked his mom if he was adopted and she confirmed it was true. Seems that the mother of Isaac and Dakota gave Isaac up for adoption when Isaac was only a baby. She was a teenage mom with her hands full when she met Dawn. With a 1 year old and an infant son, Dawn could tell this young mother had her hands full.
“My motherly instincts kicked in. I said, ‘You need a break.’” Dawn recalled. She offered to take the 9-day-old baby home with her. But what was likely supposed to be just a short time ended up becoming more permanent when circumstances proved that Isaac would do best in Dawn's care. Isaac's adoption by Dawn was finalized when he was 18 months old.

Now the boys are inseparable, celebrating their birthdays together in the fall and spending plenty of time together.

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