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Having a profile picture that runs alongside your discussions and events is a really personable way for people to get to know you. And it draws more attention to what you have to say. It's really easy to add a profile picture to your Santa Rosa Mom page. On the right side of the screen, there is a link to your personal settings. Click on "Settings" and the very first option you have on the new page will be to upload a photo. Click browse, choose a photo of you that is within the size limits (less than 10 MB), and then click upload. It's that easy! I hope to see your smiling face peering out at me soon!

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Users should post some pictures of their kids, too! Maybe your kids could even help you put the pictures online if they are old enough and you don't know how. I know, it seems like it might be dangerous, but it's much safer than you think. Chances are, if you have a teenager they already have their own myspace, and if they're not? Well I had doubts about putting pictures of my baby online when I first had her. My far off friends on myspace and facebook asked me to so I did a search of parents in my area to see if they had pictures of their kids, and sure enough. The internet isn't what it used to be when we were in school. First of all, when the internet first came out young kids were the main ones who were educated how to use it (at school by teachers who took classes from professionals) and they taught their parents. But mostly kids used it back in the day, so predators followed. Now days everyone uses the internet for alot more reasons. There is safety in numbers, and I see a ton of pictures of children on other sites, don't be afraid.


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