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Pathway to Peaceful Parenting
By Cindy Scott-Fuchs

From the moment a couple finds out that they’re pregnant, though they are very much in this together the roles they play take them to different paths. Although they are embarking on one of life’s most joyful magical journeys, most couples experience disconnection with each other along the way.

One key factor to the disconnection is all the worrying … each partner having different concerns. The expectant mother worries about the changes her body will take and the aches that accompany her growing body, not to mention the fear of a painful labor and birth and worries about the health of the baby. The father is preoccupied with the responsibilities of providing not only financial, but emotional support for mom. (Sometimes this is not so easy…with all her needs). All the worrying leads to one thing – STRESS – physical and emotional, which can have an even greater impact in the future.

Expectant parents get so involved getting all the right gear (car seats, etc.) to be good parents and to keep their baby safe and healthy. They forget to think about what they need to keep themselves balanced and healthy, an important factor in good parenting! They often overlook one of the most valuable skills of parenthood: ”The art of relaxation.”

Relaxation techniques incorporated into everyday rituals can help ease the stress brought on by pregnancy. Simple meditation, breathing and stretching exercises done on a daily basis – even just a few minutes – will bring balance and harmony to this transitional time and the road ahead.

Another valuable skill of parenthood that is often overlooked and taken for granted is the power of touch. Just a simple loving touch like a pat on the back, or even a simple massage exchange, can help couples stay connected through the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood.

The healing power of touch not only brings connection to couples, it is also an excellent way to connect and communicate with newborns. Specific infant massage strokes can help ease the discomforts of colic and gas, relieve teething pain, stimulate the respiratory, gastrointestinal and digestive system, and help baby sleep better.

Relaxation and caring touch can help promote healthy body, mind and spirit connection for babies and their parents. It is the foundation for healthy harmonious family life!

For Sonoma County families, finding balance and harmony just got easier with the arrival of Mellow Mommy LLC to the area.

Cindy Scott-Fuchs, mother of two, wife of one, has been a massage therapist for 13 years and an infant massage instructor for 9 years. She combined her professional skills and motherhood experience to form Mellow Mommy LLC. After successfully launching the company in her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana two years ago, the future of Mellow Mommy began. Her dreams and intentions were strong enough to manifest the opportunity to move her business and family from the “deep south” to the “far west” beautiful Sonoma County where she joined forces with product research and developer, Tiana Kraus, a Northern Cal. native and mother of two . With a background in medicine making and herbal studies at the California School of Herbal Studies and a degree in environmental studies from Sonoma State University, along with her passion for nature and gardening, she too was able to manifest her dreams of “doing what you love” into a fulfilling future.

Mellow Mommy LLC is dedicated to helping parents live “in the moment” amongst the ever changing challenges of daily life. The ideas of Mellow Mommy are both “HOLISTIC & REALISTIC”!!!

Mellow Mommy hosts prenatal relaxation workshops for expecting moms (while they still have energy and are eager to learn ) teaching simple relaxation techniques along with the innovative “Mellow Mommy and Me “ infant massage routine that incorporates yoga, meditation and strengthening exercises for moms. The whole idea is learning to fit relaxation into everyday life rituals, like deep rhythmic breathing while unloading the dishwasher.

Also offered are custom designed pampering “babymoon retreats” for expectant couples, with a luxury getaway allowing “quality time together” before baby arrives and the opportunity to learn a valuable skill for staying connected – a “user friendly couple’s massage exchange” created for both “aching pregnant mom” and “stressed, misunderstood dad,” creating a healthy beginning for the journey into parenthood!

It is often said that “the mother is the glue that holds the family together.” Mellow Mommy LLC recognizes this by creating products to nurture all mothers and mothers-to-be. With fun, all natural products, like the bellycasting kit or the Buddha Belly healing salve, Mellow Mommy LLC honors and celebrates the miracle of life and motherhood!


Check out to learn about the upcoming Mellow Mommy Babymoon and our Spring Equinox Special!

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